Pleatwrap Rolls - Packaging Wrap

New wrapping solution more sustainable than the bubble kraft wrap and easier to use than the US paper blanket.

Pleatwrap is a new soft pliable kraft wrap with an inner layer of cushioning pleated paper for general and industrial use.
This is for now the best alternative to bubble kraft and US paper blanket. More sustainable than plastic (any bubble products) and more flexible than american paper blanket (any PAD 5 to 9 layers).

The PleatWrap is made of 100% recycled paper and is 100% recyclable.

Rolls : 122cm H x 60m L - 32cm diameter- 24 Kg. Customization possible (logo, color, dimensions, etc)


  • Full truck: 270 rolls
  • Customization possible (White outside and logo 1 or 2 colors)
  • Delivery all over Europe
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Exemples de dimensions

Reference Object dimensions L x W x H cm Inside dimensions L x W x H cm
RÉF size size

Easy to cut, to fold, to tape packing in rolls so easy storage


Excellent cushioning and great corner protection


In recycled paper. Free destruction


You can use the Pleatwrap to protect walls and floor on moves.